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Research and development

Leveraging Lactalis Group’s world-renowned MILK expertise, we focus our innovation on  top-quality milk-based ingredients for infant nutrition.

Innovation at the core of our product development

Our R&D experts develop formulations following the latest nutritional recommendations and exploring top innovative ingredients, allowing our consumers to derive maximum benefits.


Celebrating the excellence of MILK in our innovation

Lactalis has been a pioneer in the development of top milk based ingredients and their use in infant nutrition: Prolacta native protein, milk lipids replacing palm oil, high quality lactose.

Infant milk powder

Our assets:


  • Advanced and flexible technology
    Lactalis Nutrition Santé continually invests in advanced technologies to meet local and international market requirements.


  • State of the art laboratories
    Our team of experts (doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, and research and development engineers) works in partnership with specialized Health Professionals. Our team focuses on identifying key ingredients and formulas for an ever better nutritional support for our clients. The benefits of the ingredients and the overall effectiveness of our products are recognized by clinical studies.


  • Nutritional scientific insights and publications monitoring
    Our objective is to offer an ever more adapted range of products. Lactalis Nutrition Santé research studies are based on the latest nutritional recommendations and publications.

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