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Lactalis Health nutrition

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LACTALIS Health NutritionA dedicated team of experts in nutrition

Lactalis Health Nutrition is a global producer and supplier of nutritional products, supplying customers in over 70 countries.

Since the creation of Lactalis Health Nutrition division in 2008, our teams of experts are continually working to provide our consumers with high-quality solutions in Infant and Clinical Nutrition.


“A solution for each nutritional need”


At Lactalis Health Nutrition, we are committed to meeting the specific needs of each consumer around the world. For that we can rely on a world-renowned expertise and knowledge of the markets and their regulations built up over the years through the development of our brands and private label activity on international scale.

Our teams of experts can also count on the industrial knowledge of Lactalis Group, a French family-owned dairy company founded in 1933 that remains a landmark of dairy-making traditions and industrial know-how.

Throughout its 85+ year history, LACTALIS Group has always stayed true to its roots, building a corporate strategy respectful of people and the environment. As a group we strive to promote knowledge and excellence through our three core values: Ambition, Commitment, with Simplicity.

Today, LACTALIS Group is the world leader for cheese:

market share
28.3 bn €
Milk collection
22.6 bn litres
270 factories
in 51 countries
Dairy group
international brands

3 international brands


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Lactalis Health Nutrition

Over 120 years of experience in Infant nutrition

Supplying customers in over 70 countries

6 industrial sites

100% made in France

Health is our priority. Our success has been driven by our desire to constantly improve health and nutrition products through innovative solutions.

Belonging to Lactalis Group, Lactalis Nutrition Santé division was created in 2008 as a specialized division for the conception, production and commercialization of Infant and Clinical nutrition products.

Over the years, Lactalis Nutrition Santé has become a key health player committed to providing a nutritional solution for each country and target consumer over the world. We offer a wide range of products under local and international brands.

Beyond the development of our brands, we have built private label activity up in order to support our growth and to sustain health to an even broader population around the world.

Our history

Our History