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Undernutrition: Dr Ronan THIBAULT, hepato-gastroenterologist and nutritionist answers our questions [1/2]

In 2022, undernutrition is a disease that affects 2 million French citizens [1] and up to 40% of hospitalised patients [2]. In this article, discover the interview with Doctor Ronan THIBAULT, hepato-gastroenterologist, nutritionist and doctor in Life Sciences, and professor of Nutrition, who talks about undernutrition in his daily life and the levers for adapting […]

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Undernutrition diagnostic

Undernutrition and oral nutritional supplements

Undernutrition currently threatens 33 million Europeans, according to the French Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. Undernutrition can affect the elderly, anorexia sufferers and people with chronic conditions in particular. This nutritional imbalance is associated with worsening prognosis for various diseases. However, solutions exist. In this article, read about the methods for detecting undernutrition and […]

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