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Fruit Puree

Food for Special medical purposes

Product advantages

Fiber-rich fruit puree (from fruit and wheat)

  • Ready to use
  • Facilitates intestinal transit and combats constipation
  • 7.5g fiber/cupfor fruit puree Prune.
  • 6.2g fiber/cup for the fruit puree Rhubarb and Apricot.
  • No preservatives, no colorants, no added sorbitol

Made in France

Fruit puree

Indications :

  • For nutritional needs in case of fiber deficiency.
  • Transit disorders, particularly in cases of iatrogenic or physiological constipation (elderly, pregnant women, etc.).
  • Pathologies associated with inadequate fiber intake.



To be used under medical supervision, only as a supplement to the usual diet.
On medical advice for children under 8 years of age. Not to be given in cases of stenosis and inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, occlusion and after-effects of surgery.

Production facility:

Made in France.

Shelf Life:

24 months. Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place.


Available in 100g or 105g glass cup.

Glass cup, metal lid => to recycle. Separate the elements before recycling.